As proud lighting suppliers once again of The Block we have been eagerly following along as the contestants transform the country estates into stunning family homes on the biggest block yet. The bedrooms and bathrooms that they have created so far have been stunning, and we hope you have been as inspired by their lighting choices as we have.


Rachel & Ryan's Guest Bedroom

Their lighting choice: Rochelle Wall Bracket

How to get Rachel & Ryan's look: This guest bedroom features a bold statement wall with stunning textures, which contrasts perfectly with our Rochelle wall lights. By keeping the wall otherwise bare, these lights stand out and give the room a warm glow. Using wall lights instead of table lamps also gives you more space on your bedside table, helping you to keep your space clutter-free. The Rochelle wall lights are ideal for creating a mid-century look, especially when paired with contrasting materials and colours.

Ankur & Sharon's Master Bedroom 

How to get the look: Elegance meets comfort in the luxurious master bedroom created by Ankur and Sharon. The warm colours and soft textures of this bedroom give it a welcoming feel, emphasised even more by the stunning choice of wall lights and pendants. The Cheri range ties in perfectly with the design of this bedroom, and using the wall lights and two different sets of pendants keeps the look and feel of the space consistent. Choose wall lights, lamps, and pendants that match from our range of styles and designs to tie your lighting throughout your home together.

Dylan & Jenny's Bedroom

Their lighting choice: MFL By Masson Gypsum

How to get the look: The warm, tonal shades used in Dylan and Jenny’s bedroom make it look like the perfect place to curl up after a long day. By placing the MFL Gypsum wall lights on either side of the bed, Dylan and Jenny have created soft, ambient lighting that is perfect for the bedroom. Using ribbed designs such as the MFL Gypsum introduces a subtle sculptural element to any space, while still providing a minimalist look. Wall lights are also the perfect alternative to table lamps in the bedroom if you want to free up space on your bedside table.

Ankur & Sharon's Bedroom

Their lighting choice: Moselle Chandelier, Callam Pendants

How to get the look: Ankur and Sharon show that they aren’t afraid to mix darker and lighter tones together, pairing a selection of our black pendants with softer, more neutral tones to balance out the space. The Callam pendants add ambience and style to the room, while the Moselle pendant makes a statement placed over the bed. Pendants are a great choice for rooms with higher ceilings as they can be used to fill up voids, but if your home has lower ceilings you can still find pendants that are fitted closer to the ceiling.


Omar & Oz's Bathroom

Their lighting choice: Masson for Light Strip Lighting

How to get the look: Contrasting patterns and bold, brass details combine to create a beautiful, light space in this bathroom. Omar and Oz used our strip lighting in the shower recess to create the perfect low-light ambience, while our wall lights make a statement elegantly placed on either side of the bathtub. By adding strip lighting in the shower recess or under your sink, you are able to add that additional ambient lighting to your bathroom without it being overwhelming. Strip lighting is also perfect for smaller spaces where pendants or wall lights won’t work, as it is easy to install and doesn’t take up much space.

Tom & Sarah-Jane's Bathroom

Their lighting choices: Made by Mayfair Luella Wall Bracket

How to get the look: Bold colour choices and unique materials make Tom and Sarah-Jane’s bathroom the ultimate country retreat, perfect for those who are wanting to escape the city. The Luella wall lights are made from Spanish alabaster, a timeless stone material that makes every light unique. Paired with brass features, the Luella gives off soft, warm lighting while also creating a stunning statement on the wall. These wall lights can be placed horizontally or vertically on the wall, giving you the ability to customise how your lights sit based on the space you have available.

Rachel & Ryan's Bathroom

Their lighting choice: MFL by Masson Gypsum Wall Bracket

How to get the look: Contemporary in its design with touches of the Australian country, Rachel and Ryan’s bathroom makes a statement in the best possible way. Our MFL Gypsum wall lights tie in perfectly with the space, creating directional and ambient lighting over the vanity. These wall lights also come with a paintable finish so you can customise the light to suit your style. For a space like this, simplicity is key, as the neutral tones of the tiles and lights make the beautiful wooden vanity stand out even more.

Dylan & Jenny's Master Ensuite

How to get the look: Dylan and Jenny’s master ensuite will make you feel like you are in a luxury day spa, with all of the amenities that you could ever dream of and more. The minimalist, neutral tones throughout the room give the space a calming feel, while the bolder pops of colour help to brighten up the room. Tying the brass details of the Luella wall lights in with the taps and shower rail helps to give the room a feeling of consistency, while placing the wall lights vertically over the vanity means that the space is well-lit.