Add a statement piece to your home and keep it feeling fresh at the same time with the perfect ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are a practical addition to every home, but they can also add a level of sophistication to each room with the right design. Keep your home cool all year round with a range of shapes, colours, and designs.

Classic Ceiling Fans

For classic style homes, the perfect ceiling fan can make an impressive design statement while also creating a cool and comfortable environment within your home. Our classic ceiling fans feature a variety of textures and finishes to give your home a structured and balanced look.

A white ceiling fan is a great option for a classically styled home, as the fixture blends in more seamlessly with the ceiling and allows other statement furniture pieces to stand out. For more of a statement, try a black or chrome ceiling fan that will stand out and create a great feature piece in your home.

Tips for Choosing Classic Ceiling Fans

  • White ceiling fans are a timeless, classic choice will that blend seamlessly into the ceiling
  • Use timber blades in quieter rooms, such as the bedroom or the study, to reduce noise

Contemporary Ceiling Fans

For  a contemporary style, look for ceiling fans that feature minimalistic elements and sleek, thoughtful designs. Fans that blend into the background and keep your home feeling fresh without getting in the way are an ideal choice.

Contemporary ceiling fans are streamlined to make them more versatile, with slimmer profiles and a range of colour options to suit your space. Fortunately, a more stylish option doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on cooling power. Keep your home looking chic and feeling comfortable with a ceiling fan that’s high on style and on air flow such as our Aero ceiling fan.

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Ceiling Fans

  • Choose unobtrusive, subtle ceiling fans to create a contemporary look
  • Selecting a fan with the right air output for the size of the room will ensure you get both the style and the airflow you need

Modern Ceiling Fans

If clean lines and organic silhouettes are what you’re looking for, then a modern ceiling fan is the perfect choice for your home. Designed so you don’t have  to sacrifice form or function, these types of ceiling fans make an impressive design statement while also creating a cool and comfortable environment.

For an authentically modern vibe, look for ceiling fans in white, black, or natural materials such as teak or koa wood. Let the elegant blades and pared back style of a modern ceiling fan keep your home looking and feeling fresh all year round.

Tips for Choosing Modern Ceiling Fans

  • Choose ceiling fans with clean lines and a monochromatic colour palette 
  • Style modern ceiling fans with minimal home décor and open floor plans for the perfect look

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great addition to your outdoor space, especially if you enjoy dining and entertaining outside. Keep cool throughout the year with ceiling fans that are designed to work indoors and outdoors, without having to sacrifice on style.

For extra illumination while you keep cool, ceiling fans with lights are both stylish and practical. Ceiling fans that feature integrated lights provide you with the flexibility to style your home exactly how you want. Add a fan remote for additional flexibility so you can adjust your settings from anywhere kyou are and create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the outdoors year round. For homes near the sea, it’s essential to choose fans that feature ABS plastic blades, as these are built tough to withstand the harsh coastal climate.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans

  • Our coastal and alfresco fans are suitable for outdoor environments. Take it one step further with an IP rated fan.
  • For alfresco spaces, choose a fan that features an integrated light to create the perfect dining ambience.

Portable Fans

Whether you’re renting or simply need some extra flexibility, a portable fan can be a great option. Keep cool no matter where you are in your home with portable fans. Keep the air flowing throughout your home with fans that can easily be picked up and moved to another room with minimal effort on your part.

The best part? Portable fans come in a range of sizes and styles, providing you plenty of versatility. With designs available in black, white, and natural materials, you can ensure your portable fan will also be a stylish addition to your space.

Tips for Choosing Portable Fans

  • Pedestal fans are great choices for larger rooms as the oscillating head allows for plenty of air circulation throughout the room
  • Portable fans that feature wooden detailing can add a more modern touch to your space

Styling Your Home with Different Types of Ceiling Fans

Stylish living is simple with ceiling fans that make an impressive design statement while also creating a cool and comfortable ambience. From statement pieces to minimalist designs, there are ceiling fans available to suit every home and room.

With Australia’s largest range of fans available in-store and online, finding the perfect ceiling fan for your home is easy. Head into one of our Beacon Lighting stores today or start shopping online to find the next addition to your home.  

Want to learn more about ceiling fan types and sizes? We have plenty of information available to help you find the perfect ceiling fan.