After weeks of hard work, this year’s Blockheads have completed some incredible living, dining, and kitchen spaces. Lighting is incredibly important in these rooms and we love how the contestants have used our lights to create the perfect task and ambient lighting solutions for each space.


Tom & Sarah-Jane’s Kitchen

Their lighting choice: Loft pendants

How to get Tom & Sarah-Jane’s look: The Loft pendants our team chose for Tom and Sarah-Jane’s kitchen feature a mid-century inspired design and a textured bronze finish that contrasts perfectly with the marble benchtop and white walls. By placing these pendants directly over the kitchen bench and downlights on the ceiling, this kitchen has the ideal combination of both task and ambient lighting.

Omar & Oz’s Kitchen

Their lighting choice: Duke pendant

How to get Omar and Oz’s look: Omar and Oz wenty for a very bold, dark look in their kitchen with our Duke 7 light pendant. The adjustable heads on this pendant make it ideal for the kitchen as you can easily direct the light wherever you need it to be. The simple, sleek design of the Duke contrasts perfectly against the stunning wooden ceiling and gives this space a touch of modern elegance.

Dylan & Jenny's Kitchen

Their lighting choice: Westhampton pendants

How to get Dylan & Jenny’s look: Using pendants over your kitchen bench is an excellent way to fill up any voids and create a cosier space without taking up any important bench or wall space. If you want to disperse the light more evenly, think about using clusters when installing pendant lights in the kitchen. This will guarantee that you have sufficient task illumination when preparing food and cooking.

Living and Dining Spaces

Rachel & Ryan’s Living Room

Their lighting choice: Panorama pendant

How to get Rachel & Ryan’s look: With stunning warm tones throughout this space, Rachel and Ryan used our black Panorama pendant over the dining table to add a touch of drama with the contrasting colours. This ties in perfectly with some of the other features throughout the room, ensuring that the space still feels consistent.

Omar & Oz’s Living and Dining Space

Their lighting choice: MFL by Masson Script

How to get Omar & Oz’s look: Our Script range looks stunning in Omar and Oz’s living room, and is the ideal versatile lighting for anyone who wants to be able to redirect the lighting as needed. The Script range is also incredibly customisable as you can mix and match track heads, shades and decorative handles to create your own look.

Scotty’s Living and Dining Room

Their lighting choices: Quill pendant

How to get Scotty’s look: In Scotty’s home, adding our incredible Quill pendant over the dining table created a stunning statement that immediately draws you in. The black frame of the Quill creates a striking presence in the space, while the frosted glass orbs soften the look. The Quill has been designed to invoke feelings of tranquillity, strength, and pride, and is a practical option for this space as well as a beautiful statement piece.