On Sunday night’s episode of Channel 7’s Dream Home, hosted by the charismatic Chris Brown, Brad and Mel’s cosy three-bedroom house in Northcote got a makeover. This once cramped and chaotic home, overflowing with four lively teenagers, was transformed into a beautiful and functional space perfect for their family of six.  

Brad and Mel’s Northcote House

The teams worked their magic on the living area, two of the bedrooms, and the family bathroom. Some couples wowed the judges, while others had room for improvement. Queensland couple Hannah and Jonny leading the charge and unveiled the first rooms for the judges' review.

Living Room 

The living room renovation faced its share of challenges, quite literally getting stuck in the mud for days. Stress levels soared as a central fireplace didn't arrive until two days before the big reveal. 
Despite these hurdles, the transformation was remarkable. The once crowded, worn-down space was reborn as a spacious, light-filled room that beautifully balances elegance and family-friendliness. "This is quite incredible," praised interior designer Rosie Morley. 
The Whitehaven fan, with its minimalist style, hung gracefully over the space, blending perfectly with the understated, open, and airy design. Overall, the judges agreed that a "phenomenal" living space had been created. 

Teenager Bedroom 1 

The other room Hannah and Johnny tackled was 18-year-old music lover Bennett’s sanctuary. It had the basics - a bed, a desk - but where was the rock star vibe? 
The judges were thrilled with the couple's creative changes, with Simon calling it an “epic” transformation that definitely had “the wow factor.” Teenager Bennett now has a super-cool bedroom to hang out in. 
For this room, the team chose the Campari wall light beside the bed. While the judges noted the placement wasn't ideal for bedtime reading, they agreed it added a sophisticated touch, nodding to the brass detailing found throughout the house. They also installed the Parker 6-light pendant, providing the warm brass glow and ample light every budding musician needs. 

Family Bathroom 

Ellie and Taeler took on the challenge of renovating the family bathroom and an adjoining teenager's bedroom. Despite concerns about the practicality of the space for four teenagers plus their guests, the end result was undeniably stunning. The high ceilings and abundant natural light created a warm and inviting atmosphere with a European vibe.

Judge Lana Taylor from Three Birds Renovations was particularly impressed with the Osten wall brackets, praising their sun-like warmth. Additionally, the team incorporated Made by Mayfair Luella 2 Light Wall Brackets in brass with Spanish alabaster, seamlessly continuing the brass and alabaster theme throughout the space. 

Teenager Bedroom 2 

Spencer’s bedroom got a complete overhaul, with our stunning Tamarind pendant taking centre stage. The room also featured the Campari family of lights, this time in the form of a stylish floor lamp.  

While the judges expressed some concern that the space, despite its beauty, might not perfectly align with a teenager’s style, they were confident Spencer would now have no trouble inviting his friends over to show off his revamped room. 


Jacinta and Jordan took on the kitchen and achieved showstopping success. The judges praised the flow and layout, particularly the massive island bench, which was left free of a sink, making it a perfect space for entertaining. Hanging over the island is our stunning Made By Mayfair Luella pendant, a striking piece that brings the alabaster from the bathroom into the kitchen, trimmed in cheerful brass. These brass details continue through to the tapware and handles, creating a cohesive look that everyone loves. 

Dining Room 

For their second renovation space, Jacinta and Jordan tackled the dining room. They relocated the dining table from a cramped corner of the kitchen to the family room, where it now resides beneath the stunning Made by Mayfair Luella 16 Light Pendant in Brass with Spanish Alabaster. While the judges were disappointed with the "boardroom" feel of the table and chairs and noted a lack of creativity, we believe that the warmth of the brass and alabaster infused throughout the home and into the dining space creates a flawless lighting scheme. Despite separate teams designing these spaces, the cohesive lighting plan ties the entire home together seamlessly. 

Ellie and Taeler’s Watsonia North house 

Teams took on a complete transformation of Ellie's old brick house. The house, still in its original condition, featured numerous small, cramped spaces and a challenging layout. 

Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry and Laundry 

Brothers Rhys and Lian tackled the dining room and kitchen, taking 2 meters from the living room to create Ellie's dream kitchen. The island bench is a true showstopper, and the induction cooktop technology adds a touch of sophistication, seamlessly disappearing when not in use.  

The team chose Mona II wedge wall brackets to drench the walls in light and add the illusion of even more space. The overall look is luxurious and high-end, although the butler's pantry may feel a bit bare, Ellie now enjoys ample storage space. 
In the laundry, beautiful finishes were incorporated despite the extremely limited space, which is a concern considering Ellie's plans to turn the house into a family home in the near future.

Dining Room 

Adjacent to the kitchen, a skylight with a stunning cluster of Sunraysia pendants draws the eye upward. While the judges acknowledge the space feels cramped, it undeniably fulfills the sisters' requirements, and they'll be thrilled with the result. 

Living Room 

Peter and Lara tackled the guest bedroom and living room, facing the challenge of losing 2 meters of space to the kitchen renovation. Despite this setback, they made necessary sacrifices to accommodate the changes. The carried the Mona wall brackets through the space mor a cohesive lighting design. The judges unanimously praised their efforts, noting that the usable space has significantly increased, applauding their remarkable job. 

Guest Bedroom 

Complete with shagpile carpet, this old bedroom was extremely outdated. Peter and Lara transformed it into a stunning, curvaceous space, using dynamic curves and those same Mona walluplights to highlight its features. The judges were impressed, noting that the uplighters served as the artwork, giving the room a luxurious feel. It's a stylish and innovative third bedroom, showcasing their creativity and outside-the-box thinking. 


Brad and Mel may be novices, but their ambition knows no bounds. Despite the tight space, they managed to create something spectacular. They incorporated Made By Mayfair Luella wall lights beside the bed for a luxurious glow, along with a Moto fan in a Koa finish. The softness of the light adds a warm and welcoming ambience to the room. 

Family Bathroom and Powder Room 

The 70s bathroom has been transformed into a Scandi masterpiece, featuring natural wood details that elevate its aesthetic. A skylight floods the space with natural light, complemented by downlights and under cabinet LEDs for a layered lighting effect. Ellie's desire for natural elements and warmth has been fully realized, earning a big tick of approval. 

As proud lighting partners of Dream Home, we were absolutely blown away by the stunning transformations in Brad and Mel’s Northcote house and Ellie and Taelers's old brick house. From cosy bedrooms to luxurious kitchens and stylish bathrooms, each space received a fresh, innovative touch. Massive applause to all the teams involved for their dedication and creativity in turning these houses into dream homes. Keep your eyes peeled for next week's reveals and more lighting inspiration as the journey continues on Channel 7's Dream Home!