The first two dream homes are now complete! The teams worked tirelessly down to the last minute on the Watsonia North and Northcote houses, ensuring every detail was perfect.  

Taeler and Ellie's Watsonia North House 

Ellie’s Alpine Scandi style in Watsonia North and Brad and Mel’s classic in Northcote are the first two finished Dream Homes. This week’s scores, judged by buyers agent Simon Cohen, architect Rosie Morley, and Three Homes Renovations’ Lana Taylor, have shaken up the competition. 


Peter and Lara were in charge of the facade, enhancing the street appeal and setting the home's tone. The judges loved the timber cladding, saying it perfectly nailed the Scandi-meets-Australia vibe, giving it a cosy ski lodge feel. Our Lilly Bollard Spike highlighted the landscaping, drawing attention to the path leading to the front door. 


In the hallway, Peter hand-cut wood pieces until 3:30 in the morning to create the timber-clad look, which extended the facade’s design into the interior. The MFL Thames wall lights, with their charcoal details, seamlessly connected the exterior to the hallway, enhancing the cohesive design. 

Master Bedroom and WIR 

Brad and Mel transformed Ellie’s master bedroom and walk-in robe into an all-in-one space, controversially opting for no doors between the two areas. Despite the tiny footprint, they embraced the challenge with grand features that define the space. Open shelving, an island bench display with LED strip lights, and a Helix pendant above the bench create a sense of openness and luxury. Osten wall brackets on either side of the bed add a touch of decadent elegance.

Master ensuite 

Tradie brothers Rhys and Liam tackled the ensuite bathroom with what host Chris Brown called a “brave” move by choosing not to install a door to separate it from the bedroom and walk-in robe. Judge Lana described the result as “delectable.” Luxurious tiles added to the upscale finish. Though the lack of a door in the ensuite is a bit unconventional, the small space held a lot. 

Brad and Mel’s Northcote House 

Brad and Mel’s heritage bungalow was in dire need of an update, and they completely transformed it while retaining its historic charm. 


Taeler and Ellie redid the facade of the home, honoring its heritage style with a contemporary refresh. The judges were "obsessed," and Rosie remarked that this is exactly how it should be done, respecting the home's history. Bollard lights illuminated the path to the front door, which was flanked by Yamba wall brackets on either side, enhancing the welcoming and elegant entrance. 


Hannah and Johnny infused opulence into the brand-new ensuite, incorporating Orion wall lights for a touch of understated luxury. Strip lighting was strategically placed throughout, enhancing the ambience. 


Hannah and Johnny took on the heritage hallway, focusing on maintaining the home's classic style. The judges were impressed with the bright, luxurious space and admired the detail in the Elora pendant and Amore wall brackets. Although they were a bit confused by the mix of styles, the lights contributed significantly to the opulence of the hallway. 

Girls bedroom 

Hannah and Johnny also designed a teenage girl's bedroom, incorporating a statement Bianco pendant in ribbed white and MFL Gypsum wall lights. The room, tailored for a 14-year-old, featured rich detailing, showing thoughtful consideration for the teenage girl occupying the space.

Girls bedroom 2  

For the 12-year-old's bedroom, the judges had mixed feelings about the colour palette. However, they admired the Koralky pendant in French grey, which added a stylish touch. The room was colour-blocked in purple, balanced out by elegant neutrals such as the Margot lamp

Master bedroom and WIR 

Jordan and Jacinta tackled the master bedroom and walk-in robe. While the walk-in robe lacked a bit of wow factor, they found it in the master bedroom, which became a haven of soft furnishings and muted colours. The judges were impressed, describing it as "epic." The master bedroom exuded a sense of tranquility and tonal elegance, with highlights like the Osten wall light featuring its unique alabaster disk contributing to a serene atmosphere. The Venetian plaster masterpiece added a touch of simple yet elegant flair, earning praise from the judges. 

The teams worked their magic, transforming two tired homes into stunning dream residences. Stay tuned as they head to Queensland next week for the first round of renovations in the sunshine state.