Make your garden shine this year by updating your outdoor space with the perfect garden lighting. These garden lighting ideas will inspire you to get creative in your outdoor space and create an oasis that you won’t want to leave.

Start with the Garden Path

If you enjoy spending time outdoors in the evening, it’s important to have garden path lights to guide your way. Path and step lights are the perfect task lights for helping you find your way at night, and there are a range of options and styles to choose from.

Bollards are a great choice if you prefer lights that are beside the path or that can be installed in the garden. For a more seamless lighting effect, step lights, wall lights, and deck lights can provide the perfect ambient lighting on your garden paths or on the back deck.

Garden path lighting ideas:

  • Choose smart lights such as the Gecko range for voice control and ultimate flexibility with your garden path lighting
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with solar bollards like the Sunset or Tower that save on electricity
  • Add drama or enhance the aesthetics of your pathways with accent lights

Go Green with Solar Lighting

When you are trying to create an eco-friendly home, one of the best places to start is outdoors. You can easily power your garden lighting using solar lights, as they feature rechargeable batteries that can be powered up during the day and then used at night. Our range of solar garden lights can also turn on automatically at night and then turn off again once the some comes up, ensuring you aren’t wasting power.

Solar lights come in a range of styles to ensure that you can find the perfect lights to suit your home. Choose solar-powered bollards, wall brackets, floodlights, and wall sconces, to provide your outdoor space with ambient lighting throughout the evening at a reduced cost.

Solar-powered lighting ideas:

  • Ensure your solar lights are installed in locations that will receive ample sunlight throughout the day
  • Select floodlights that double as security lights
  • For added flexibility, choose solar lights with on/off switches so you can turn them off completely when they are not needed

Be Your own Garden Fairy 

Fairy lights can add a whimsical, elegant touch to your garden, while also providing plenty of ambient lighting. By placing them in trees, along fences, or even in glass jars, you can create a stylish statement that also acts functionally within the space.

When you are designing your garden lighting it’s important to think about where you need the light to be. Fairy lights are a great option for the outdoors as they can be used in areas where fixed lights cannot go, ensuring you have ample lighting throughout your garden.

Fairy garden lighting ideas:

  • Choose fairy lights that have a long globe life to avoid having to replace them too frequently
  • Most fairy lights are battery operated, but ensure that you check as some may need to be plugged in
  • Hanging fairy lights in trees can create the perfect ambient lighting for outdoor parties

Make Your Garden Smarter

When your indoor space is powered by smart technology, there’s no reason that your garden can’t be as well. With smart lighting you can become more energy-efficient and easily keep your home illuminated exactly when and how you want it to be.

By installing smart lighting in your garden, you can easily adjust the colour temperature, turn lights on and off, and set up routines, all within an app on your phone. For extra ease, you can pair smart lighting with Google and Alexa devices, to adjust your lights with voice commands, easily changing your lighting as you need to without using your phone or the light switch.

Outdoor smart lighting ideas:

  • Select smart globes that are easy to swap over into existing fittings
  • Set up schedules with your smart lighting to match the conditions outside so that your lights come on as soon as it’s dark, and turn off when you go to bed
  • Use smart lighting for your outdoor security to keep your garden safe at all times

Finding the right lights for your outdoor space

There are a lot of options available when it comes to garden lighting. If you’re not sure where to start, our lighting designers are available in-store in our Design Studio to help you create your dream garden. Get started today by heading online or popping into your local Beacon Lighting store.