If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that our home décor needs to do so much more than just look pretty. If you’re looking at a home renovation, or simply an update in the new year, keep these lighting trends for 2022 in mind for a home that is beautiful but also makes you happy to be there.

Metallic and Marble Floor Lamps 

Metallic and marble finishes are set to be popular choices for lighting and kitchen designs in 2022. Marble is a stunning and long-lasting material that helps to elevate your space when paired with metal. Chic, slimline floor lamps that feature marble or metal will be stand-out pieces for those who want an elegant and luxurious feel to their homes.

Marble lights make your home unique, as marble is a natural material that will differ slightly in appearance with every piece. You can create a timeless look in your home by adding marble or metallic lights to any space.

Customisable Lighting

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Lights that can be tailored to your interior are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the individuality they add to your home. Create a look and feel that’s all your own by adding lights that can be easily customised to suit your style and taste.

Find products that you can mix and match to easily create your own designs. With these lighting options, you can customise the suspensions, the light shades, and even decorative details. As an added bonus, if you’re in search of DIY lighting ideas, customisable lights can be a great option as many are designed so that you can install them yourself such as the Lexicon batten fix.

Lighting as Functional Art

Lights no longer have to function only to illuminate your home. With functional art becoming much more common in modern interiors, now is the perfect time to choose a light that also acts as art.

Choosing a statement pendant is a good place to start when looking for lighting that also serves as functional art. To be a bit more creative, think of how you can replace traditional wall artwork with light. Clustering minimalist sconces creates a point of interest, while also illuminating a key area such as a hallway or staircase.

Elegant Alabaster Details

Alabaster is a natural stone material with a translucent moonlight effect that will elevate the décor in any home. This has been a growing lighting trend over the last two years and is an easy way to add some softness and interest to your space.

Our alabaster lights are imbued with extraordinary visual depth and richly nuanced materials, and will create stunning lighting throughout your home by playing with the depth of light and shadow.

Organic Finishes for Relaxing Spaces

Add a touch of tranquillity and ensure you always feel relaxed with ambient lighting designed to make your home a refuge.

After enduring so much stress during the past two years it’s not surprising that many people are looking to create calm environments within their homes. Selecting lights made with organic materials and natural colours, you can create a relaxing space that allows you and your family to feel at peace even when the daily routines become overwhelming.

Architectural Chandeliers

Chandeliers will always be a classic, but in 2022 they’re set to get an architectural twist and be a standout in your home. These new on-trend chandeliers are modern, chic, and provide plenty of contemporary glamour.

Sophisticated and awe-inspiring, architectural chandeliers can be used anywhere in the home where you want to create a statement. If you’re looking for lighting ideas for living room ceiling renovations, then there’s no better time to source the perfect chandelier for your home.

Nostalgic Lighting to Bring Back Happy Memories

After a tough two years, many people are now looking back to simpler and happier times. Products that spark memories are perfect for creating a meaningful lighting statement in your home.

Classic designs have been reimagined for the modern era to fit in with the current lighting trends. Although many pieces are designed to suit today’s home, you’ll still find elements of past design trends to add that nostalgic touch such as smoked glass or domes that reference 70s style.

Art Deco Lighting Makes a Statement

Another nostalgic trend that has been making a comeback for a few years now is Art Deco, as it provides a wide range of inspiration with signature materials, colours, and silhouettes. Although Art Deco has never fallen out of fashion, it’s reenergised this year for more classic, subtle styling throughout your home.

Expect more of the Art Deco trends from the 1930s, including scalloped edges, marble touches, and bronze finishes. Create a sleek and distinct look in your home with a new Art Deco piece.