Just like the interior of your home, getting the lighting right in your outdoor space can mean the difference between average and spectacular. When you know all the tricks, you can use a variety of lights to give your home street appeal and add an extra element of safety and security. Follow our simple tips to transform your façades and gardens into eye-catching spaces while borrowing inspiration from The Block homes.

Fabulous Façades 

The front façade is the face of your home and the first opportunity to make a big impression on your visitors and the rest of the world passing by. So, spend some time carefully considering all the elements you need from furniture to lighting to make sure that the exterior style flows seamlessly into your interior. For instance, if you’ve got a coastal theme going on inside, add some palm trees, pebbles, rattan furniture and marine-style lighting out front.

While choosing your lighting for your façade, think of both the decorative and practical aspects. Wall sconces outside the front door are perfect for creating a welcoming look and for providing important illumination when you’re entering your home at night. Adding a few more wall brackets around your home’s façade helps to highlight architectural details of period homes while also eliminating dark corners and increasing security.   

Harry & Tash's façade 

There’s massive street appeal here and all the details are elegant and calming. We love how our Macedon exterior lights in white wash light on the façade of the house and radiate a warm, welcoming ambience. Their white finish helps the lights to blend in with the weatherboards creating a pared back look.

Sarah & George's façade 

This home’s façade and front yard is all about simplicity and elegance. Framed by the beautiful 1940’s decade-perfect multi-coloured bricks, our Norwest wall light in aged nickel complements the grand entrance vibe that Sarah and George have created. It’s also the perfect marine-style light for a house that’s at walking distance to the beach!

Consider installing motion sensors for added safety and security. Eliminate tripping on a tricky step and fumbling for keys by installing sensors that turn on your lights before you reach an entryway. As well as being a must-have for avoiding potential hazards such as burglars, motion sensor lights add aesthetic value to the exterior of your home. Also, since they turn on only when you need them, they reduce your energy consumption and in turn, your power bill.

Glamorous Gardens 

Every home needs some lush greenery whether in the front yard or back. Add rose bushes, cacti, succulents, shrubs, fruit trees or a range of flowering plants – the choices are endless. Besides greenery, you can add sculptures, fountains, decorative urns or bird baths to create visual interest.  

Use low-output, low-lying discreet fittings like spike spots throughout the garden to highlight unique trees, shrubs and features and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. LED strip lighting near a garden border or under a courtyard bench will elevate your garden further.  

Luke & Jasmin's garden

In this garden, our Sentinel spike spots light up key trees and features giving the front yard an eye-catching contemporary look. Don’t miss our beautiful Norwest wall bracket in brass that adds a layer of warmth to the front porch. This sure feels like home!

Beacon Lighting | Norwest Wall Bracket Beacon Lighting | Norwest Wall Bracket

Daniel & Jade's garden

There’s so much to love in this home! Our Abyss fan will keep this outdoor space cool and comfy on warm summer days while our Thermastrip heater will add warmth on cold days. Our surface mounted downlights set the mood for summer lounging on the back deck and our Marine wall brackets highlight the potted plants in the garden. Perfect lighting plan!

Beacon Lighting | Surface DownlightBeacon Lighting | Surface Downlight

Another thing to consider in your garden landscape design is pathway lighting. Use bollards and in-ground lights to highlight the pathways and steps in your garden which not only helps increase aesthetic value but also provides a level of safety while walking. With the addition of strategically placed floodlights and sensor lights, you’ll have a safe and well-rounded design.

If you’re looking to get more out of your lighting design, consider installing smart garden lights. You’ll find a great range from Lucci Connect Gecko that includes spike spots, bollards, in-ground lights, deck lights, strip lights and step lights. It’s a DIY range which means you can set it all up yourself in a few easy steps. Then simply use your phone or voice (needs a smart home hub) to set timers and schedules and change the colours of your lights. This way, you have the flexibility to customise your ambience along with total convenient control.

Blissful Backyards

As Aussies, we know that spending time outdoors is an important part of our lifestyle and pretty high up there on our summer to-do list. So, whether you’re just lounging with the family in your backyard or you’ve invited friends over for a BBQ and a swim, you want your backyard to look its best. Think stylish summer entertaining.

An easy way to achieve this is with lighting. Add gorgeous walls sconces outside the back door or around your pool area and install outdoor rated pendants, downlights or spotlights in your alfresco dining area. Most outdoor wall lights will be rated for heavy weather exposure, but if you live in a particularly wet or harsh environment, look for marine-grade finishes that can tolerate heavy UV, moisture and salt exposure.

Luke & Jasmin's backyard 

This team created the ultimate leisure zone in their backyard with plenty of space to lounge, a fire pit and a pool! We love how our Norwest wall brackets in brass create a stylish, welcoming look at the back door.

Luke & Jasmin's pool 

The team continued the look in their luxurious and comfy pool area too. Our Norwest wall brackets are a great choice as they’ve been built for the outdoors and coastal areas in particular.

Jimmy & Tam's backyard 

Can you picture yourself enjoying a BBQ here with friends? We can! This alfresco dining area has been fitted with skylights to maximise the natural light during the day, while our Vegas dimmable spotlights will turn on their magic at night.

Sarah & George's pool 

Sarah and George used a pair of adjustable wall spots in copper to light up their stylish pool area. Great choice as copper is a durable material for outdoor areas and tolerates weather exposure well. Get this look in your own backyard with our Harbour wall lights.

Give your space a festive, fun vibe by decorating your garden with strings of Festoon lights and strip lights. Mosquitoes spoiling all the fun? Add in a Mozzie Zapper or two which also doubles as a LED light. Add more soft glows with battery-operated portable lamps, candles and lanterns which will help create a relaxed atmosphere. With a set up as beautiful as this, we’re pretty sure your guests will just not want to leave!

Now that you’ve been inspired by all these great lighting ideas, get out there and create your own outdoor paradise. If you need assistance, our lighting designers at Beacon Design Studio are available to help. Book your consultation here.