More than just a place to rest your head after a weary day, your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary from the outside world. And when it comes to setting the right mood and creating a space that’s both beautiful and functional, your choice of lighting is key.

These days our bedrooms are much more of a multitasking space; a place to read, work, study, watch TV, charge your devices, get up and ready for the working day, unwind at night and finally, sleep. All these activities require lighting that is both decorative and functional, and that’s where layered lighting comes into its own.

Choosing a variety of lighting in your bedroom allows you to create the right mood for any activity at the flick of a switch.

Bedside Table Lamps

Bedside lamps have long been a key bedroom decorating staple as they’re perfect for bedtime reading. While the traditional look is to place matching bedside lamps on either side of the bed, don’t be afraid to flex your design creativity by mixing the style of lamp on each side, or choosing just one lamp for one side of the bed.

If you’re big on multitasking, lamps with built-in USB ports or wireless charging bases are a convenient and stylish way to charge your devices on your bedside table.

Our Top Tips To Light It Right With Bedside Lamps

  • If you’re using the bedside lamp primarily for reading, make sure it sits at the right height. The lamp itself should be tall enough to spread enough light across your book or tablet, while the lamp shade should throw out sufficient reading light without it glaring into your eyes.
  • Consider using smart globes to create schedules and support your sleep/wake cycle. Scheduling your smart lights to dim down one or two hours before bedtime every night helps you fall asleep easily and stay asleep. Similarly, schedule them to turn on at a brighter temperature at the same time every morning to help you wake up refreshed.

Floor Lamps

A well-placed floor lamp builds on your decorative lighting layers in the bedroom, creating a moody ambience while adding a soft pool of light in a dark corner.

Our Top Tips to Light It Right With Floor Lamps

  • Complement the overall look by matching the style or colour of your floor lamps to your table lamps.
  • If space is limited, a slimline floor lamp will deliver a soft ambience without crowding the room.


Pendants in the bedroom elevate your design aesthetic to a whole new level. Replacing a bedside table lamp with a hanging pendant is a great choice for lovers of a more minimalist look, as it leaves your bedside table free from clutter. For style that speaks to designer luxury, choose a sculptural pendant to create a stunning centrepiece over the middle of the bed.

Our Top Tips To Light It Right With Pendants

  • Choose matching pendants for either side of the bed or make your pendant a feature by placing it just on one side.  
  • Placing pendants strategically above your bedhead gives you the right amount of light to read your book or tablet.

Wall Lighting

Wall lights are another stylish alternative to bedside lamps, and a good choice if you want to free up space on your bedside table. Wall lighting also creates a soft, subtle ambience as it highlights the design and texture on feature walls such as panelling or wallpaper.

Our Top Tips To Light It Right With Wall Lights

  • Placing wall lights in pairs adds elegance and creativity to your bedroom décor.
  • Design it your way by placing a wall light on either side of the bed, on one side or centred over the bedhead.

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