As the teams from this season of The Block continue to dazzle us with their transformation of five typical Aussie houses into luxury family homes, we’ve taken a little time out to explore the latest inspiring bedroom and bathroom reveals and show you how easy it is to recreate these looks in your own home. 


Tanya & Vito’s Guest Bedroom

Their lighting choice: Marcel Pendant, Eclipse Mini Downlight

Their cooling choice: Climate III Ceiling Fan

Ronnie & Georgia’s Guest Bedroom

Their cooling choice: Viceroy Fan in White with brass plate from Viceroy Fan in Oil Rub Bronze/Koa

How to get Tanya & Vito's look: Tanya and Vito made the most of the space in their guest bedroom by using our Marcel Pendants as functional and stylish bedside lighting. Choosing pendants instead of lamps frees up space on bedside tables and keeps the room clutter-free. If you’re styling a small bedroom and you love this look, just remember to place the pendants high enough to avoid bumping your head when making the bed.  

We love their choice of a timber ceiling fan as it perfectly complements the bedhead, and the contrast of timber against the white ceiling gives the room more dimension. On a functional level, a ceiling fan is a must-have for the bedroom as it keeps you cool in summer and warms up your space faster on those cold winter nights. 

How to get Ronnie & Georgia's look: This look is all about elegance and simplicity, so the trick is to apply the ‘less is more’ rule of design. Rather than clutter the space with different elements, choosing just a few key designer pieces in high end materials creates an aura of sophistication.

Mitch & Mark’s Master Bedroom 

How to get the look: Besides making their space look glamourous, Mitch and Mark future-proofed their house by using smart technology. The convenience and affordability of Powermesh smart switches means you can control all your lighting with just the switch, app or voice. Automating your lighting in the bedroom is a great idea as it lets you create schedules that support your sleep/wake cycle. You can schedule your smart lights to dim down two hours before bedtime every night to help you fall asleep easily and turn on brighter at the same time every morning to help you wake up refreshed.

Mitch & Mark’s Guest Bedroom 

Their lighting choice: Seagrass Pendant

How to get the look: Placing a statement pendant over a bed is a bold design choice, but the impact of it never fails to impress. If you’re using an oversized pendant in a smaller room, choose a design that is light and airy so that it won’t crowd the space.

Kirsty & Jesse’s Master Bedroom 

Their cooling choice: Viceroy Fan

How to get the look: If you’re lucky enough to have a room flooded with natural light, enhance the bright, airy feel with simple downlights and fans in neutral tones. Don’t forget to add a pair of stylish lamps for some relaxing bedtime reading.

Josh & Luke’s Master Bedroom

Ronnie & Georgia’s Guest Bedroom

Their lighting choice: Titan Downlights                                                                                                       

How to get the look: Grouping downlights together helps form focused pools of light to greatly influence the atmosphere of a space. Use downlights to highlight artwork or wash a textured wall with soft swathes of light.

Kirsty & Jesse’s Kids’ Bedroom 

Their lighting choice: Ascot Wall Bracket

Their cooling choice: Viceroy Fan

Kirsty & Jesse’s Kids’ Bedroom 

Their lighting choice: Firma Table Lamp

Tanya & Vito’s Kids’ Bedroom

Their lighting choice: LED Disk Teak Wall Light

How to get the look: Kids’ rooms are where you can have the most fun with your styling. Add a beautiful disc of light on the wall to mimic the sun or create a quirky piece of art with a cluster of three. If you have a reading nook, make sure it’s adequately lit with a wall light or lamp that provides directional lighting. If you’re using dramatic wallpaper or creating a feature wall you want to show off, go with understated lamps that don’t compete for attention.  It’s also important to choose a fan size that is proportionate to the size of your space. This is to ensure you are getting the best airflow and efficiency from your fan. See our guide on how to choose the perfect ceiling fan


Kirsty & Jesse’s Main Bathroom 

How to get the look: Wall brackets with a brass or gold finish give even the smallest space the luxurious vibe of a 5-star hotel bathroom. Matching them to your tapware and towel holders ties the room together.

Tanya & Vito’s Main Bathroom

Mitch & Mark’s Main Bathroom

Their lighting choice: MFL Gypsum Downlights

How to get the look: When you want to show off interesting features such as period tiles or unique grout, choose understated wall lights and downlights that don’t compete for attention but still perform their job of highlighting the details. Also, if you’re using lights near bathtubs and showers, ensure they’re appropriately rated for wet areas. Your electrician will be able to help you with that.

Ronnie & Georgia’s Master Ensuite 

Their lighting choice: Parker Cylinder Bracket Brass

How to get the look: You can never go wrong with pops of brass! Ronnie and Georgia used our brass Parker lights to up the luxe factor on their vanity. Besides, installing a wall bracket above the mirror casts light onto the face as well as onto the mirror itself. This helps bounce the light evenly on the face, reducing shadows and glare.

Kirsty & Jesse’s Master Ensuite

How to get the look: Downlights can provide the general illumination you need for all your primary grooming tasks at the vanity. When it comes to your accent lighting layer, strip lighting under the vanity produces a spectacular effect. It also helps in creating a gentle illumination so that you don’t shock your body into a complete wake up mode during those late-night bathroom visits.

Mitch & Mark’s Steam Room 

How to get the look: Fill your bathroom with light for that bright, airy and fresh look. Use a combination of downlights and wall lights to achieve this. Or create a day spa aesthetic with decorative pendants that double as task and accent lighting. If your pendants have brass details, even better, as that will add a subtle touch of luxury and glamour.

As you have seen, recreating The Block looks isn’t difficult if you know the right lighting tricks! But if you need a hand or a little more inspiration, simply book a consultation at our Beacon Design Studio and let the experts take over.

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