Alabaster was a popular material in downstairs bathrooms this week on The Block 2023, and when you see how light glows through the handcrafted stone fittings, you’ll see why!

Kyle & Leslie - House 01

Kyle and Leslie are no strangers to transforming small spaces into design wonders. Their latest project, a petite powder room, is nothing short of a masterpiece. From colours to textures, every detail in this tiny oasis speaks volumes about their impeccable taste.

Their previous "curvealicious" bathroom design left the judges in awe, and this time, they've taken on the challenge of creating the smallest powder room in Block history. 

"It's nice and tight," Marty commented, with Shaynna agreeing, "It's really tight." But tight doesn't mean cramped; it means cosy and well-planned.

The standout feature is the curved, free-standing basin in stunning olive green, perfectly matched with gunmetal finishes. Marty noted that any potential buyer would instantly recognise the high-end, high-quality vibes this room exudes.

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For lighting, House 1 chose two of our MFL Artisan alabaster round shades paired with the round decorative plate in white from the Artisan mix-and-match collection. These lights provided the mood and ambience needed, with each shade having unique patterns, creating a one-of-a-kind earthy look that tied the whole room together.

Leah & Ash - House 02

Leah and Ash faced a challenging week with site dramas and trade troubles, but they pulled it together to produce a stunning guest bathroom.

Leah decided to depart from her usual bold colours and rich tones, opting for a light and bright neutral palette. The judges praised this change, describing the space as "luxurious." They particularly loved the herringbone pattern tiles paired with square set tiles, which added an expensive touch.

The lighting fixtures received high praise from Darren. "The overhead lighting is great, and the wall lights look elegant, kind of like sculptural objects," he remarked with enthusiasm.

Leah and Ash's bathroom showcased their love for marble and luxury. The quality of their vanity, shaver cabinet, basin, and vase was top-notch, with elegant art deco touches.

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The lights Darren loved are two MFL Artisan alabaster round shades paired with the Artisan Dot LED dimmable surface mounts in black selected from our mix-and-match range - the same lights Kyle and Leslie featured in their space. 

To enhance the luxurious art deco ambience, they installed MFL strip lighting under their cabinet.

Kristy & Brett - House 03

Kristy and Brett took on quite the home improvement challenge this week, from re-stumping floors to a complete bathroom makeover. But what stole the show were their brilliant lighting choices.

Their tile selection, featuring Kit Kat finger tiles, impressed Darren with its contemporary touch. However, it was the strip lighting that added a touch of sophistication, highlighting a tiled recessed shelf beautifully.

Shaynna admired the flooring, a blend of large terrazzo and olive-grey tiles, commending their bold choice. She even exclaimed, "Kristy and Brett have found their groove!"

Marty couldn't help but appreciate the mood lighting the couple installed, describing it as "sexy" with a fantastic energy.

Shaynna summed it up as a "calm, measured, and luxe" space, quite different from what we've seen from them before.

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To recreate this lighting in your own bathroom, consider the Camilla wall bracket with ribbed opal. It's a stylish choice that adds timeless elegance.

For that same sophisticated lighting effect, install MFL strip lighting under your vanity cabinet. It's the key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Steph & Gian - House 04

Steph and Gian have been on a winning streak, and their latest room reveal didn't disappoint. Their "bougie" powder room featuring a custom stone vanity stole the spotlight, along with a remarkable lighting fixture that drew praise from the judges.

As the judges entered the room, Shaynna was particularly impressed with the textures present throughout, from the floor to the stone vanity and benchtop. The simplicity of the design and the gun-metal grey tapware added to the overall sense of opulence. Shaynna, our texture enthusiast, couldn't get enough of the texture in the room – from the floor to the stone vanity and the benchtop, it was a sensory delight. Darren couldn't help but admire the exquisite lighting, describing it as "stunning" and emphasising its role in creating a luxurious ambience

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If you're interested in achieving a similar look in your own space, consider the Osten wall light. Crafted with artisan-made Spanish alabaster stone, this lighting fixture creates a captivating decorative effect, appearing to float off the wall. What sets it apart is the colour-switching technology via the wall switch, allowing you to customise the colour temperature and play with variations in the stone.

Since alabaster is a natural material, each Osten wall light boasts a unique pattern, making it a distinctive addition to your home.

Eliza & Liberty - House 05

During Guest Bathroom week, sisters Eliza and Liberty attempted a bold design move with a moss wall. However, the judges' reaction was mixed, and the moss wall didn't quite hit the mark.

Eliza and Liberty's bathroom did have some positive elements, but it also had its flaws, including issues with colour coordination and cabinet height. Nevertheless, their layout impressed the judges.

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house 5 get the look

Well, that’s another week wrapped up for The Block 2023! Here’s hoping the teams have a better (and drier!) week coming.