The Block season 19 is turning out to be quite the rollercoaster ride! Blockheads had a tough time this week. The weather was against them, with strong winds and heavy rain causing issues with everything from painting to lighting installations. But in true Block style, they soldiered on to the final “tools down call with energy. Now, let's see how their "Work from Home Space" renovations turned out after all these challenges.

Kyle & Leslie - House 01

Leslie and Kyle's design skills evolve every week, and this work-from-home space was a beautiful mix of elegance and functionality. The judges loved how beautiful the space was, with Shaynna commenting how it felt both relaxed and fancy. Marty agreed, saying their smart marketing plan is really paying off.

Darren pointed out that the room could serve as a great work-from-home spot and a comfy media nook. The judge did notice a small issue – everything was pushed against the walls. Still, the room's appeal didn’t go unnoticed. Kyle and Leslie are clearly showing off a lifestyle. They might be the quiet couple but their design is speaking loud and clear in all the right ways.

Get Kyle and Leslie's look

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Leah & Ash - House 02

Leah and Ash had quite a rollercoaster ride of feelings this week. They kicked things off by winning $5,000 and a fun bonus point Gnome in the first challenge – talk about a great start! But then, out of the blue, heavy rains caused some unexpected problems at the construction site. Not listening to Foreman Dan's advice turned out to be a bit of a hiccup, and they had to deal with the mess after the rainstorms.

Leah took Shaynna's advice on their studio bedroom to heart and decided to bring some more character to their work-from-home space. Even though their room faced some safety issues they didn't see coming, Scott Cam stepped in and set up remote styling help for Leah using FaceTime. The excitement before the judges' feedback was real.

When the judges finally walked into the transformed room, they were seriously impressed. Shaynna's big "Woah!" showed how surprised they were, with Marty even joking about needing a drink in the luxurious atmosphere. But even though they loved it, they also noticed some things about how the room works and how well it would sell as part of a four-bedroom house. Leah understood the points they made and talked about how the room could still work as an extra bedroom, even while considering the feedback.

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For those inspired by Leah and Ash's stylish workspace in The Block 2023, consider including our Aksel adjustable wall brackets in your space. Aksel is available in matte black or solid brass to merge modern aesthetics with functionality, perfect for home workspaces. 

Leah and Ash also feature our Loft floor lamp, with its mid-century charm and elegant detailing, which not only adds sophistication but also offers functional lighting for a comfortable workspace.

Leah and Ash's journey on The Block this week showcased their unwavering dedication and creativity. Despite obstacles, they managed to craft a glamorous and inviting workspace that stood out. Their ability to tackle challenges and deliver exceptional design serves as an inspiring example for all budding home decorators.

Kristy & Brett - House 03

In this week's episode, Kristy and Brett tried to create their own work-from-home space. Did they succeed?

The judges didn't love the location of the home office, as it didn't fit well with the rest of the house. They did like the panelling, drapes, and flooring. However, they questioned if the room felt too much like an office.

Sitting at the big table, the judges felt like they were in a school principal's office. Shaynna thought the idea of working from home was taken too literally, making the space feel too much like a regular office. The judges also wondered if the space could have been used better.

The judges agreed that the room's style was good, but the execution needed more polish to really impress potential buyers.

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Kristy and Brett achieved a quiet minimalist look in their work-from-home space, which was showcased by great downlighting. When you're setting up a good workspace, lighting is key. Let's check out two options they used for lighting up your workspace:

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Steph & Gian - House 04

Steph and Gian's hardworking work-from-home room immediately garnered an enthusiastic "wow" from the judges. The decision to continue using beams throughout the house proved to be a clever move, contributing to the establishment of a consistently appealing style throughout their home that was likely to resonate with future buyers.

The room featured two desks with a cleverly placed TV between them, making the room both a functional work area and a media room. Marty highlighted the sophistication of the space, noting that it exuded a high-end aura. He believed that potential buyers in the current market would undoubtedly value these aspects, drawing on his expertise as a real estate agent.

However, Darren Palmer, who had been notably quiet until then, expressed a change of heart regarding the beams. He found them obtrusive and argued that they reduced the ceiling height. As he reached up, nearly touching the beams to illustrate his point, he made his preference clear. Nevertheless, apart from this visual reservation, he praised the room's overall functionality, saying it is an exceptional workspace. His only suggestion was to replace the regular sofa with a sofa bed while applauding the other design elements.

Shaynna admired Steph and Gian's consistent Japandi style. The judges collectively applauded the impeccable craftsmanship and quality on display. Marty, who had previously had reservations, now fully endorsed the Steph and Gian aesthetic.

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We were delighted to see our Parson 2 light floor lamp feature in Steph and Gian’s work-from-home space. With its elegant arms and matte black finish, it is ideal in their Japandi aesthetic. The adjustable heads of the Parson lamp allow you to direct light precisely where needed, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for tasks like document review, project work, and video conferencing. This versatility adapts to your changing needs throughout the day, fostering a productive environment. With easy installation and a customisable choice of globes, the Parson 2 light floor lamp is not just a source of light, but a tailored lighting solution that complements your workspace preferences. 

Steph and Gian also used the MFL by Masson Minitrim downlights for this space for elevated multi-functional lighting.

Eliza & Liberty - House 05

Eliza and Liberty, the determined sisters, found themselves facing room damage after the storm; a setback they really didn’t need after the negative feedback on their studio room last week.

Despite the rain-drenched setbacks, Eliza and Liberty admirably showcased their resilience, revealing a home workspace to be proud of. "This week has been a ginormous rollercoaster ride," remarked Liberty. The team made a styling decision that didn’t quite meet the brief - having already executed a work-from-home space in their studio bedroom the week before, they decided to showcase a guest bedroom instead.

The judges entered the space, and their comments reflected a mix of admiration and critique. Shaynna was impressed that the team managed to show anything after the storm. "Considering we've had some pretty crazy weather, the fact we all are in one piece and dry as well as this room that is dry... I think this is great," she commended. Marty appreciated the evident responsiveness to feedback and the inviting ambience of the room. He highlighted the smart decision to forgo the work-from-home setup, a move that created versatile appeal. The room's adaptability, potentially serving as a rumpus room or guest room, garnered his approval, while also noting the need for defining its purpose more clearly.

The judges also loved the room’s colour palette, drawing parallels to a '90s aesthetic that felt both familiar and contemporary.

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We were delighted to spot our MFL By Masson Artisan wall light in brass, providing an elegant bedside light to add a touch of metallic glamour. With the round alabaster shade and dimmable functionality and Scene Change technology, these lights add adaptability for work, relaxation, or setting the mood - perfect in this multifunctional space!

The team also used our Reflection arch colour change mirror in brass - the perfect balance between style and practicality. These mirrors not only add a touch of sophistication but also offer an array of functional features tailored to workspace and sleep space needs.

Well, that’s another week wrapped up for The Block 2023! Here’s hoping the teams have a better (and drier!) week coming.