From elegant pendants to vintage charm, The Block 2023 contestants showcased some stunning lighting choices in this week’s reveals - master ensuites. If you're looking to recreate the same level of sophistication in your own bathroom, we've got you covered. Here's a closer look at the lighting choices made by each house and how you can get the look for yourself.

Kyle & Leslie - House 01

Kyle and Leslie produced an exceptional bathroom space this week, using their signature curves in dual-functional walls that double as shower screens. Aside from some minor concerns about storage and the space in the shower, the judges really couldn’t fault their design.

They chose the Valona pendant for their master ensuite. This exquisite pendant features a marble sphere encased in glass, adding a touch of understated elegance above their vanity. The Valona pendant is a sweet addition that can stand alone as a focal point or be clustered with other pendants for a striking effect.

Get Kyle and Leslie's look

  • MFL Strip Lighting: Illuminate your vanity area with MFL strip lighting. Strip lighting in bathrooms provides a soft, even glow that enhances the ambiance and functionality of the space.
  • Valona pendant: The Valona 1-light pendant is a must-have for achieving a luxurious look. Its on-trend marble design encased in clear round glass shade creates a big impression. Keep in mind that since marble is a natural material, variations in colours and patterns are expected, making each piece unique.

Leah & Ash - House 02

Leah and Ash continued their theme of opulence with the Adele wall brackets in antique brass with clear scallop shell shades, which Shaynna adored. These wall lights are great for adding a touch of mid-century elegance to their master ensuite. 

Get Leah and Ash's look

  • Adele wall brackets: To capture the mid-century charm of Leah and Ash's bathroom, consider the Adele wall brackets with clear scallop shell shades. These fixtures are sure to make a stylish statement in your space.


Kristy & Brett - House 03

Alabaster continued to be a favoured choice for this week's designs, as seen in Kristy and Brett's bathroom with the Luella wall brackets. The natural patterns in alabaster and its warm radiance make a bold statement. Marty was particularly impressed with the use of the Luellas, saying "Look how they matched the lights to the bedroom like it just flows, they've clicked into gear.”

Get Kristy and Brett's look

  • MBM Luella: Add a touch of timeless Spanish alabaster to your bathroom with the MBM Luella wall brackets. Paired with solid brass or black detailing, these fixtures are visually stunning and awe-inspiring. Keep in mind that alabaster is a naturally occurring material, so each piece will have slight variations in pattern, making it uniquely yours.
  • MFL strip lighting: Enhance the ambience in your bathroom with MFL strip lighting, just like Kristy and Brett did for that extra touch of luxury.

Steph & Gian - House 04

Steph and Gian also embraced the elegance of alabaster in their lighting choices, opting for the MFL By Masson Artisan round shades paired with the round black plates from the mix-and-match collection. These shades beautifully accentuated their double vanity mirrors.

Get Steph and Gian's look

  • MFL By Masson Artisan round shades: Recreate the sophisticated look of Steph and Gian's bathroom with these stunning alabaster shades. Mix and match them to achieve your desired style.

Eliza & Liberty - House 05

Eliza and Liberty employed clever lighting to accentuate the luxurious elements in their master ensuite. They chose Custom tri-colour downlights, which offer a convenient colour-switch feature to match the room's lighting needs. Additionally, they incorporated MFL strip lighting beneath their vanity cabinet for added ambience.

Get Eliza and Liberty's look

  • Custom Tri-Colour Downlights: Achieve flexible lighting with LEDlux Custom Tri-colour downlights. These downlights allow you to select the perfect colour temperature for your bathroom, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.
  • MFL Strip Lighting: Don't forget to include MFL strip lighting beneath your vanity cabinet to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your bathroom, just like Eliza and Liberty did.

Master Ensuite week on The Block 2023 showcased an array of lighting choices that can inspire your own bathroom renovation. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of alabaster, vintage charm, or modern convenience, there's a lighting solution for every style and preference. Create a luxurious master ensuite that mirrors the sophistication of The Block 2023 with these lighting options.