Teams embraced their playful creativity this week on The Block, as they masterfully crafted two bedrooms for kids. In this exciting episode, the talented contestants unveiled their imaginative children's rooms!

Kyle & Leslie - House 01

In the latest episode of The Block 2023, Leslie and Kyle took us on a whimsical journey. While their creative approach left judges in awe, there were some hits and misses.

Leslie and Kyle's 'basketball room' was certainly a departure from their traditional style. While the room's theme was niche, it added a playful touch that's perfect for a kid's space. However, the styling fell short of what the judges were expecting in a multi-million-dollar home.

In their second room, Leslie and Kyle returned to their signature curves, offering a gender-agnostic approach for broader buyer appeal. The judges were impressed with the room's 'light and bright' feel, thanks to the floral wallpaper and green wardrobe.

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Lincoln pendant in black. Kyle and Leslie selected the Lincoln for above the bed in their basketball room. This modern and minimalist pendant features metal details and rubber tubing, with dimmable technology and colour-switching capabilities. It’s a great choice for a unique kid’s room!

Herman round pendant in white. In their second muted green room, they installed a Herman pendant to tie beautifully into their natural space. Its natural wicker and gentle design create a tranquil atmosphere.

Leah & Ash - House 02

Leah and Ash, the dynamic duo on The Block, certainly knew how to infuse fun, joy, and energy into their double bedrooms

Their "climbing room" exuded a playful charm that immediately captured the judges hearts. The 1980s Memphis design movement influence was evident and exciting, with vivid graphics and geometrics that perfectly suited the house's aesthetics.

One standout feature that garnered praise from the judges was the rock climbing wall, both for its playfulness and architectural brilliance. Shaynna appreciated the room's versatility, noting that it could easily suit any gender. Moving on to their second room, the vibrant pink space and the cleverly designed performance area in the corner continued to impress the judges.

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Leah and Ash's choice of lighting was spot-on for creating the desired ambience in their Barbie-themed bedroom. They opted for the Nevada swing arm wall brackets, which added a touch of elegance and functionality to the space. 

Nevada swing arm wall bracket in brass. In their Barbie bedroom, Leah and Ash chose Nevadas on either side of the daybed. The Nevada wall bracket features minimalist detailing and a switch on the head for easy on/off control.

Attica table lamp in sage. The Attica is a fun, versatile design that really suits their space, adding a soft and inviting glow to your space.

Kristy & Brett - House 03

This week on The Block, Kristy and Brett showcased their remarkable talent in designing bedrooms that perfectly balance cuteness and sophistication. From jungle-themed cabinetry to a delightful colouring wall, their rooms were nothing short of enchanting. The judges were greeted with smiles all around. Shaynna couldn't help but express her excitement, particularly admiring the colourful wardrobe. Marty described the room as having "sophisticated playfulness" without going overboard. The north-facing windows added radiant energy to the space, making it even more inviting. Plus, ample storage was a notable feature, according to Shaynna.

Moving on to their second room, the judges were in for a surprise. Shaynna exclaimed, "Woah. This is completely different! I think it's great." Even Marty, who isn't typically a fan of wallpaper, was won over by the design. Darren, although initially taken aback, ultimately appreciated the room, saying, "I like it. I think it's great."

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One of the standout features in Kristy and Brett's second room was the use of natural elements, in their choice of lighting fixtures. 

Bowie pendant in natural jute. The Bowie pendant introduces a new level of organic luxury to Kristy and Brett’s natural bedroom. Crafted with woven jute fibres stretched over a minimalist frame, it creates airy silhouettes that are both striking and delicate. 

Dion table lamp in frosted white glass. Continuing the "natural" theme, they placed a Dion lamp on the bedside table. The Dion lamp boasts a glass base and shade that allows the light to radiate through, creating a whimsical mushroom-like effect in this setting. For those who appreciate minimalism with an opulent twist, the Dion lamp is a perfect choice.

Steph & Gian - House 04

Steph and Gian impressed on The Block this week with their exceptional attention to detail and design. As the judges entered, their collective astonishment was palpable. Steph and Gian maintained their signature Japandi style with our Tamarind pendants, earthy tones, and timber beams. The wallpaper cleverly matched the bedside lamps, showing their design finesse.

The judges admired the bedhead fabric, ceiling lights, and the overall effort put into every detail. Marty noted their consistency, architectural detailing, and skilful use of feature lighting.

Maintaining Japandi in a kids' room is no easy task, but Steph and Gian succeeded. Darren marvelled at the custom wall design, highlighting the time and effort invested.

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Steph and Gian maintained their Japandi theme by reintroducing the Tamarind pendant, this time paired with Create II suspension cords and finishing kits. Their use of the Tamarind has consistently evolved, resembling a floating moon in the master bedroom, and now, against a flighty rocket ship backdrop, taking on the appearance of planets. In the same imaginative way, they've placed a Breton lamp on the bedside table, using the lamp's unique silhouette to their advantage - in this space, it mirrors the outline of the rocket ship!

Please note: the contestants hand-painted the Tamarinds showcased in this bedroom. We must caution against this practice, as this will void your warranty.

Eliza & Liberty - House 05

Eliza and Liberty wowed us this week with their imaginative take on kids' bedrooms. Their use of colour, sensational mural, and heartfelt connection to Novali's exquisite "Bee Kind" artwork left us in awe. But what truly stole the show were their remarkable lighting choices, perfectly enhancing the ambience of these enchanting spaces.

Eliza and Liberty decided to create two distinct kids' bedrooms, catering to different age groups. The judges were thrilled with their first room, praising the colour palette and furniture selections. It was a fantastic start.

In their second room, Eliza and Liberty achieved instant impact with a delightful treehouse mural adorning the wardrobes. The room was carefully designed, balancing creativity with a budget-conscious approach.

Eliza and Liberty's meticulous attention to detail shone through, with charming additions like a stuffed flamingo and an array of colourful children's books on display. To enhance the fairytale theme, they selected the Forrest lampshade, capable of creating stunning shadow effects on the walls. For the bedside table, they chose the Attica lamp, featuring a contemporary design and soft, ambient lighting.

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Eliza and Liberty chose the Attica lamp for their bedside table, featuring a contemporary design and soft light output perfect for ambient lighting.

For a pendant, they chose the popular Forrest batten fix. Made from perforated metal, this light is a great option for kids' rooms, creating a stunning effect when lit. 

The Zion touch lamps were a super fun addition to a kid's bedside table! It’s still an elegant choice that appeals to the parents. Composed of teak and frosted glass, the Zion table lamp provides a soft, ambient glow.

In this week's episode of The Block 2023, the teams showcased their creative prowess by crafting captivating bedrooms for children. Each house had its own unique charm, and while there were hits and misses, the overall effort was amazing.

Whether you're looking for a touch of whimsy, playfulness, sophistication, or natural elements in your own home, these lighting options can help you achieve the desired ambience. Explore the possibilities and create a space that resonates with your unique style and personality.