The upstairs bathrooms on The Block 2023 displayed a range of lighting choices, from minimal to opulent. Join us as we delve into these bathroom reveals.

Kyle & Leslie - House 01

In this week's episode of The Block 2023, Kyle and Leslie unveiled their impressive upstairs bathroom renovation. Their lighting choices breathed life into the space, creating an inviting and soothing atmosphere.

Let's take a closer look at the lighting products that made a subtle yet significant impact.

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MFL By Masson Gypsum downlight: This downlight doesn't just provide illumination; it sets the mood with a warm, inviting glow. Its removable reflector, diffuser, and decorative rim add character without overpowering the room. The warm white light offers a relaxing ambience, turning your bathroom into a personal retreat.

In Kyle and Leslie's bathroom, the lighting choices transformed the space into a warm and welcoming sanctuary. Thoughtful lighting really can make your bathroom a cosy haven.

Leah & Ash - House 02

Leah and Ash showcased a bathroom that oozed elegance and bespoke charm. The tiles and textures were captivating, though some functional aspects left room for improvement.

Leah loved the simplicity of her design, contrasting with their previous bold choices. Judge Shaynna was also taken with the bathroom, praising the layout and the bath's placement.

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MFL Artisan Dot wall brackets with alabaster shade: Leah and Ash used these minimalist wall brackets to add bright, understated light features between their vanity mirrors, creating character in their surprisingly understated bathroom.

Kristy & Brett - House 03

In this week's episode of The Block 2023, Kristy and Brett faced a noticeable lack of motivation in their bathroom renovation. Would this impact the final product?

The judges found the couple had replicated their master ensuite layout, which initially impressed them. However, as they delved deeper, they discovered numerous issues. The bathroom was far from complete, with the basin uninstalled, the toilet and sink unconnected, and an unfixed door stopper causing trouble. Neale described the room as "just chaos."

Despite the unfinished state, there was a unique sculptural light that caught the eye.

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Orion pendant in black with smoke black glass shades: The Orion pendant with smoke black glass shades is an excellent choice for a touch of luxury. Its curved arm design makes the Orion 2 light pendants in black with smoke glass a captivating addition to Kristy and Brett’s home, even amidst challenges.

Steph & Gian - House 04

Steph and Gian's Jack n’ Jill bathroom in The Block 2023 oozed luxury with a vanity, marble, Venetian plaster, and textured tiles. However, some functional aspects needed attention, such as the lack of task lighting and high towel rails unsuitable for a kids' room.

Their focus was on creating a T-blade wall to accommodate the bath, shower, and toilet for their Jack and Jill bathroom connecting to the kids' bedrooms. The question remained whether their grand plans would earn them back-to-back wins.

Steph expressed her pride in the bathroom's layout, and the judges seemed to agree, with Neale's reaction being a resounding "wow."

They received praise for their face-level storage, black tapware, and matching marble benchtops. The room's design was celebrated for its balance of timber, woven elements, green accents, and natural stone.

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Steph and Gian installed MFL By Masson Artisan recessed dimmable wall lights in warm white. These lights are part of the MFL Artisan collection, a versatile and customisable line of products crafted from high-quality materials designed to provide exceptional architectural aesthetics. They complimented the lights with compatible decorative plates and the MFL By Masson Artisan frosted round glass shade.

Eliza & Liberty - House 05

Eliza and Liberty wowed everyone on The Block 2023 with their delightful kids' bathroom. It featured dark green tiles, a striking giant terrazzo element, and minty basins, creating a functional and charming space.

Judges were instantly impressed when they entered the room. Darren summed it up with a single word: "Boom." Shaynna couldn't hide her excitement, particularly over the beautiful floor. Shaynna highlighted the bathroom's timeless quality, a space that would "grow with" the children, describing it as sophisticated. Darren praised the departure from the original colour palette, applauding the girls for their colour choices, including green, terracotta, dusty mint, and brass.

The attention to detail also earned praise, with Shaynna noting the switch covers matching the tiles, a sign of the sisters' attentiveness.

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City III Gimble dimmable downlights: Eliza and Liberty opted for a minimalist approach to lighting, choosing downlights. The City III gimble downlights are modern, stylish, and versatile.  They feature our Scene Change At The Wall technology allowing easy changes of colour temperature to suit your mood and environment. Plus, they’re also dimmable.

Did you know this was the last week for interiors? Join us next week as we unpack the lighting selections for exteriors!