With the teams putting the finishing touches on their homes, the last few weeks were really all about creating incredible first impressions, and we saw just how much a beautiful façade and outdoor space can elevate the look and feel of a property. From spectacular alfresco spaces to awe-inspiring garages (yes garages!), we’ll show you how you can recreate these clever ideas at home.

Front Garden & Façade 

Kirsty & Jesse’s Façade 

Ronnie & Georgia’s Façade 

Mitch & Mark’s Façade & Front Yard 

How to get the look: Contemporary Hamptons is a major theme in the interiors of these houses, and the cool, casual charm of this stunning style works just as beautifully outside the houses. The key thing to remember is to keep the façade warm and welcoming, with strikingly simple, yet elegant fittings that evoke the laidback Hamptons vibe.

Both contemporary and traditional Hamptons style homes suit metal exterior lighting fixtures that either create contrast against a white exterior or blend into the cool palette. Think beautiful sconces or outdoor lanterns on either side of the front door and brass bollards along the garden path to set the scene.


Mitch & Mark’s Backyard

How to get the look: What could be better than walking out into a backyard that feels like your own resort-style retreat? If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of trees and shrubs in your exterior space, lighting can really work its magic in transforming it into an inviting outdoor oasis. Add depth and dimension by positioning low-lying, discreet fittings like spike spots to create stunning shadowy effects and highlight unique features. Wall lighting is essential for illuminating outdoor dining areas, and we love the contrast of black exterior wall lights against a white Hamptons-inspired exterior as it adds another layer of style and sophistication.

Josh & Luke’s Backyard  

How to get the look: If you want to bring the party vibe to your garden, we’re huge fans of festoon lights which can be left out all year round and require minimum effort for maximum impact. The beauty of these versatile lights is that you can string them up virtually anywhere in your outdoor space to instantly transform it into a cool, fun entertaining area

Kirsty & Jesse’s Backyard 

How to get the look: This is what next level outdoor entertaining is all about, and Kirsty and Jesse ticked all the must-have design elements in their outdoor area. The basic principle is to mirror the comfort levels of your indoor dining and living spaces by incorporating dimmable lighting that allows you to switch the mood, and ceiling fans to keep you and your guests cool on warm summer nights. Illuminating other areas such as paths and sheds creates beautiful pockets of light and adds more visual depth to the garden.


Kirsty & Jesse’s Study 

How to get the look:  When you’re lighting a small space, there are many clever techniques you can use to make the space feel bigger and brighter than it is. Adjustable downlights are a great option as they allow you to direct the light where you need it. An absolute lifesaver for small spaces, strip lighting is so flexible it can fit under shelving and provide subtle ambient lighting without taking up any space at all.

Ronnie & Georgia’s Study

How to get the look: Working from home doesn’t have to be all business. If your home office is going to double as a guest bedroom, it’s important to consider a variety of lighting such as dimmable downlights and wall lights to switch the mood and comfort level of the room from business to pleasure.

Wine Cellar

Josh & Luke’s Wine Cellar 

How to get the look: Having a dedicated space for a wine cellar is a huge luxury, so we love Josh and Luke’s idea to make it a more multifunctional space. Moody lighting is crucial to evoking the perfect nightclub vibe, so look for a mix of wall lights to create ambience and adjustable low-wattage downlights to direct light over areas where you’ll be serving cocktails and snacks.


Ronnie & Georgia’s Garage 

How to get the look: Today’s garages house more than the family car, and when your garage is also used for storage, a home gym and workspace, you need lighting that is bright, efficient and versatile. Colour-changing LEDs give you the option of turning your garage from a conventional storage and workspace into a fun zone to entertain.

Need a professional to help? Book a consultation at the Beacon Design Studio and let our accredited lighting designers create a customised lighting plan for your space. Also, don’t forget to check out the other rooms on The Block here.