With energy costs soaring and more and more of your clients looking for solutions to cut their power costs, LEDs are fast becoming the globes of choice for homes and offices. While the initial outlay may be slightly more expensive than normal globes, you can easily sell the idea of LEDs by letting your clients know they can save up to 80% electricity by making the switch. LEDs produce the same light output and suit the same fittings, but are far more energy efficient and cost a fraction to run.

But there’s much more to LEDs than just energy efficiency. To help you become an LED expert, we’ve put together 4 tips on how to integrate LEDs into every room of the house.

Jan Trade Blog 2019

1. Use LEDs as task lighting

Areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry need good task lighting, and often incorporate a mix of downlights and pendants. LEDs in cool white can easily replicate the quality of light provided by traditional halogens

2. Decorate with LEDs

Jan Trade Blog 2019

Adding decorative Karbon globes to glass or clear lights like our Marcel pendant instantly gives the light a designer edge. Discreetly installing LED globes behind an entertainment unit reduces glare and adds a warm, ambient glow. To create softer lighting effect in areas such as bedrooms and living areas, choose dimmable LEDs in warm white.

3. Cool a space with LEDs

Jan Trade Blog 2019

If you’re installing a ceiling fan with a light, look for models with LED globes as they emit much less heat than traditional halogens. Using LED globes in lamps, pendants and downlights will also help keep a room cooler.

4. Get creative with LED lighting strips

Jan Trade Blog 2019

LED lighting strips are incredibly versatile as they can be cut to suit any space. Fully weatherproof, they look stunning and add a beautiful ambient design feature when installed under bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, island benches, around bedheads and in decorative bookshelves.

As Australia’s lighting specialists, Beacon Lighting is at the forefront of LED globe technology, with options to suit every budget.

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