The easiest way to light up any client’s garden

Our DIY Quick Connect system makes landscaping your client’s garden with lighting one of the easiest, quickest jobs to tackle.

Watch this quick video to see just how easy Quick Connect is, or follow these 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Plan the garden’s lighting layout

With compatible spike spots, bollards, ribbon lights, wall, step and deck lights plus easy to install wiring kits and accessories, you can use Quick Connect to light up all areas of the garden including trees, pathways, water or architectural features and more. No power? No problem. This unique system also works its magic with our DIY Solar Cell.

Step 1: Choose your power source

Locate an outdoor power outlet or if you are using solar, place our DIY Solar Cell  panel in a location that gets direct sunlight.

Step 2: Select your wiring kits

If you’re only lighting a small garden, choose a 3 light wiring kit. For larger areas, choose the 6-light wiring kit. 5 metre extension looms and 3 way splitters are also available. Remove all the safety caps from the transformer then plug in the wiring kit firmly to ensure the connection is tight and waterproof.

Step 3: Set up the system

Roll out the loom so that the DIY outlets line up with the points of interest that your client wants to illuminate.

Tip: While multiple lighting looms can be connected to each other (e.g. a 3 light loom can be connected on any outlet of a 3 or 6 light loom), avoid connecting more than 2 lighting looms and 1 extension loom together as this could cause voltage drop and reduce the light at the end of the run.

Step 4: Double check your connections.

Once you’ve checked that all connections are secure, plug into the power source to light up the area. At this stage, little adjustments can be made to create the desired effect. Remember to tell your clients that as their trees or plants grow, they can easily reposition the lights themselves to keep their garden glowing.

Step 5: Shop our DIY Quick Connect range instore or online today!

Exterior lighting not only adds warmth and ambience to your clients’ outdoor areas, it also provides more safety and security when they’re walking around outside. Shop our huge range and get your clients Quick Connected today!

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