How we recruit at Beacon


Often the first step is to conduct a phone interview, with candidates whose experience and skills (as described in their application and resume) appear to best meet our requirements. This is to clarify aspects of their background and the role, before determining if we will proceed to a personal interview. We then invite suitable candidates to attend individual interviews for all of our positions.


During these interviews you’ll be asked questions about your experiences that are relevant to the job that you have applied for and you will need to provide examples of how you performed in a situation in your current or past jobs.


Other steps in the recruitment process may include further interviews, which may involve asking you to undertake job simulation activities that enable us to assess your ability to perform in the role. Examples of these would be job simulations which could include presentations, role plays and completing case studies. Applicants are assessed and selected in accordance with our position descriptions that outline the core competencies, skills and experience required to be successful in the role.


In addition to this our values also play an important part of our selection process as they are an integral part of our culture and business. Our values are ‘Be Caring, Be Responsible, Be Ethical, Be Respectful, Be A Team Player and Be Successful’. It is important that applicants are aligned to these and we expect that all of our team members will embrace these values when working with us. We wish you all the best if you apply for a role with us.   

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